Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring Break Cometh!

It's almost here. Yep, the oh so looking forward to having the kids with me 24/7 spring break! I am actually one of those freak Mom's that doesn't mind hanging out with my kids. I don't know what we will do with gas prices being out of control. I filled my tank the other day to the tune of $85.00!!!! Yikes! I literally almost cried at the pump. The sad thing, that was at Costco, where they guarantee the lowest price. I did get a coupon for a free game of bowling for the each of us. My most concerning issue is my workout routine. My workout partner asked me if I would be there next week and I said yes. She said, what are you doing with your kids? I did not sign up for daycare at the gym, since I only go while they are at school. I will either have to get up at the crack of dawn, or go super late. Hmmm. I am looking forward to my water class tomorrow morning. We have a sub and OMG, is she AWESOME! She kicked my butt Wednesday, so good that I took today off. Finally, on a sad note. My brother is struggling with another wound infection and it does not look good. They are giving him a 5 wk antibiotic course and if it does not work, he is looking at another amputation. Please pray for healing in his body and spirit. He is having a very difficult time emotionally, due to the situation. It is so difficult not having control of your body like that. As a nurse you wish you could just fix it. Time will tell, and I pray it will be a positive outcome.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Affects of the Weather

Have you ever noticed how the weather affects people's behavior. Wet weather, tends to make people grumpy. Snow, seems to make people happy, bringing forth memories of their childhood.
This past week, we have had some WACKY weather here in North Texas. On Friday, we got SNOW! Today, I learned the expected high for Thursday is in the low 80's and for Friday in the high 80's!! I think this has turned my workout routine upside. I know on Saturday morning, when I spoke to my workout partner, we decided to ditch our swimming class. It was 26 degrees outside and the thought of jumping around in a suppose to be heated pool, was not pleasant. She convinced me that since the pool is surrounded by windows and it is so cold outside there was no way the pool would actually be warm. Gotta love it! I gave in. Can someone shout, "Co-dependency!" LOL I was getting dressed this morning and felt like wearing some "bling." My engagement ring had started to fit again. Notice I said, HAD. Yep, didn't fit this morning. Arrr! So, I need to be out of excuses, out of weather issues and so forth. I am planning an Easter party at our house. Maybe I'll set a weight loss goal for a few pounds by then? Let me think about it.........