Friday, October 17, 2008

Date Day!! What the heck is that??

OMG! Can you believe it? DH and I actually went out on a D A T E! I can't remember the last time we did that. I call it date "day" cuz he has Friday's off so we did stuff during the day. The entire family, minus the dogs, got in the Suburban and off to school we went this morning. After dropping off the "lil blessings" we went to breakfast. Well, let me give some detail. I was driving, so I saw a garage sale sign, detoured to the sale, then detoured through a really pretty neighborhood I had never driven through, THEN we headed to Cracker Barrel. Only probably was that by now DH was just STARVING!! He takes his cell phone out of his pocket and checks the time. Umm, like it doesn't show up on the lil LED clock on the dash? Whateva! He said I was driving too slow and taking the "scenic" route. LOL Basically, he was bored. Ok, we go to Cracker Barrel, and I completely ate whatever I wanted. Yep, I confess. Even ordered a side of that yummie hashbrown casserole. We went to the bank afterwards. Then we went to run an errand he had to take care of. Then as is tradition with "us" we had a big fight. Umm, we hardly go anywhere or do anything without this happening. Annoying, I know. So after that, I just wanted to "end the date" and go home. We had planned on going to the shooting range, but never got there. I needed a nap to cool off. He ran some errands and brought home a cake for me. Yes, this was totally the not eat anything healthy day. He had asked me how he could make it up to me and I wanted cake. After my nap, it was time to get the kiddos. They had a bday sleepover party tonight. We dropped them off and went to dinner and a movie. If you have not seen Nights at Rodanthe (sp?) OMG, grab a GF and some kleenex and go! Great movie. Tear jerker, but good. All in all it was a good day. We got to spend some time together and did get adult talk time. Funny, cuz we got home a bit after 9pm! LOL I thought, OMG, I remember when that was the time a date "STARTED!"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Got Pocketbook??

Do you LOVE purses?? I do. Only my problem is, I like the high dollar ones. The really cute, rare, unique kind. I so don't like having a purse "just like everyone else." Drives me crazy!! There is a giveaway going on, to win a free purse, just check it out!! click here Ok, so I grew up calling them "purses." I have a good friend from the big apple that calls them pocketbooks. Yeah, she says it with a funny NY accent. She says "I" talk funny. I don't think so. Ain't that right ya'll wink wink. So, it cracks me up when we first meet and she kept referring to her pocketbook. I kept thinkin' she was referring to her wallet?! Nope, to her, pocketbook = purse. Go figure! I guess there is the whole "handbag" issue as well. I guess what you call it must be related to where you grew up.