Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The Talk"

Big SIGH! I can't believe I'm having to walk this rite of passage already. My daughter just turned 9 a few days ago! YIKES! The talk I'm referring too is the one that explains what happens to a woman's body once a month. The other talk is "The BIG Talk" this is just the talk. Nonetheless, one I have thought of how I was going to handle since I found out I was pregnant with a girl. Yep, I'm one of those paranoid over achievers, that thinks of all kinds of crazy things, way ahead of time. I imagined us sitting together, having this wonderful mother daughter moment. I don't know why?! That's NOT how it happened in my world. NOPE, not at all.
In my world we went on bathroom break as a class in the 3rd grade. Then the group of girls that were in the bathroom started screaming cuz "Lina" was bleeding and we thought she was gonna die! Our poor teacher had to deal with us and our curious faces the rest of the day. She told us to ask our parents to explain to us what had happened. I did. My mother did not want to tell me. She made me wait a few days, until I had pouted enough. Gosh, the torture. I can't imagine being a mother of one of the boys in class and having him come home and ask me that.
Then again, my daughter did ask me the other day, "Mom, what does horny mean?" Talk about wanting the earth to swallow you up. Apparently, some girls at school know what it means, and she didn't, and they made fun of her. JOY!
Back to the present. My daughter's talk didn't happen that way either! So, my beautiful mental mother daughter moment never happened. Nope. Not at all that way. While away this weekend, my daughter "confirmed" what she had already been told by a friend at school. Yeah, two of her other friends mother's told me they had the talk with them. Apparently, a book was shared and questions were answered. So, this weekend.... My lovely God Daughter who is a few years older and has walked through "the moment" shared some of her knowledge and confirmed, elaborated, on the process. The best part, when my GF told me that she already knew, I tried to be in denial. My daughter walks into the kitchen and my GF says, "Carson, when your Mom talks to you about your uterus shedding, act surprised okay?" Carson say, "Cool" in her non-chalant I don't care right now, nine year old manner and walks away.
Great! Gotta love it! I did try and create my moment and sat with her recently and asked her if she had any questions about "her uterus shedding" and she said no. I had not heard her say it. I asked her, do you know what it is called? She would not say it. We play a game, where she is the mom and I am the daughter. So, I acted like I was the daughter wanting to know what it is called. Finally, she said it. It's called a period, MOM! I asked her, why isn't it called a question mark? : )

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Big one, three!

Yep, 13 years of marriage! Whew, honestly didn't think I would ever say that. Not cuz my marriage is on the rocks or anything, cuz I never thought I was gonna get married!! Much less last 13 years. I guess this is a great place to tell the story of how I met my other half. Actually, we will skip the how we met. Let me sum it up by saying, we were married 15 wks and 4 days after we met! There, eloped to the Grand Canyon. What a blast that was!
We live almost completely in between both our families. I am from El Paso, and he is from upstate New York. Being as we have no family here, we seldom get "childless" nights. We were blessed to have a dear GF of mine keep our children for the weekend. She lives out in the country. Not the country as some people call it today, but like the country, country. My kids got to DRIVE 4 wheelers, and go carts all around their property. My son actually tried capturing crawdads from a creek! Pretty adventuresome for that city boy. I really think they had more fun that we did. We found ourselves kinda lost...... I did not make any plans, even though I had a few days to think of what we could do. It never fails when I count on the kids being gone, something happens. One year for our anniversary we had arranged for the children to each be with their own friend. BOTH sides cancelled on us. I did not want to get my hopes up. We did have a nice leisurely breakfast out, then went to some way over priced antique shops. I have to applaud hubby for actually going to see a chick flik with me. FYI, don't hurry to go see the new What Happens in Vegas movie. It's ok, that's about it. Very predictable and boring in parts. It's funny, cuz we were invited to a cook out, but it was an hour drive away and there were going to be tons of kids there. That one didn't make sense. I also had talked to another friend of mine and we were gonna go out for sushi. When time came, I was not in the mood to "doll up." My, how we get set in our ways. All in all we have had a nice quiet time together.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where has Chica been?

I have been nursing my aches and pains! This gym business is killin my bodd! I'm not taking this too well. I have been having leg cramps in my water class. I started cardio and thought I was going to stroke. (I know I should not joke like that, but I felt HORRIBLE! As a nurse all kinds of horrible things cross your mind! I thought, great do I have any ID on me? How embarrassing will that be? How will they get me out of here? How many men will it take to lift the stretcher? Will I ever be able to walk back in here? Those kind of crazy things go through your mind when you feel your heart beating out of your chest.) I realized how bad it is. I have been trying to do better in the nutrition department, then comes Mother's Day. Which btw, Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's!
I had asked to go to a "home tour" for my gift. Who doesn't love going into other people's houses and seeing how they live. What color are the walls? Where do they store there "stuff"?!! This was a tour of some "high dollar" historic homes. I have to say..... I was NOT wow'ed! Don't get me wrong, some of the houses architecturally were gorgeous, but as far as "decorating" goes......
It was a major disappointment. One house had 700 snow globes throughout the house! WHY?!! Another house belonged to a junk dealer and literally that gorgeous house was FILLED beyond the brim with nothing but junk! So sad! One lady made me laugh, she said out loud that she did not think that was appropriate to be listed on the home tour!! OMG! The most interesting thing was how these homes get restored. Some of the wood work is gorgeous. The history behind the homes, being torn down to the bare bones and built up again. One house had been badly burned and redone. That was the beauty of it. Unfortunately, we went on the hottest day so far! It was sooo muggy. No breeze what so ever. I think I sweated (is that correct english?) more than walking the treadmill for 45 min! It was miserable. Then, today.... it is gorgeous and cool outside. Great! We went out to a late, late lunch after we had enough of the tour. There were 11 stops on it, we lacked two. One of those was a house that was just bare bones that you could tour to get a glimpse of the before. It would have been fun, but it was terribly miserable and the buses were packed and taking forever to come around. Standing out in the heat waiting for them got old fast. Once we got on, in the A/C, there was no getting us out. After lunch we came home and I remembered I had been given an open invite to a friends house to jump in her pool. I called and it was still okay to come over. That water never felt so good. It also nursed my legs. My knee, I have mentioned before with the torn meniscus is not happy about going up and down all those stairs. Many of the homes were three stories! I was surprised at that. After our swim, it was late and dark. We came home, cleaned up and veg'ed out in front of the TV some. All in all it was a great day. I'm wiped today and after my breakfast in bed, went back to sleep and slept through my alarm for church. Disappointed about that, but guess my body needed the rest. We shall see how next week goes at the gym, and if kickin up my cardio is doing any good.