Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blonde Moment

I swear I had typed up a really nice "summary" of the year and poof! It's gone. I thought it saved itself. Guess not. Oh well. I am at a loss for words when it comes to my lack of progress. All I can say is, I do hope that maybe this year I have made some "emotional" progress. I do believe all that must be in line regardless of what you do to take the weight off, if you don't work on the inside it will come back.
I know now, I had talked in my imaginary post about how I always manage to lose weight during the holidays. Not like massive amounts, but I don't gain. Am I happier at this time? Truth be told, the holidays are an emotional
h*ll for me. We don't have family anywhere within 600+ miles of us. I feel I have to make the most of it for the children. I hope they will grow up with some memories of decorating, gingerbread houses and the such. I never do as much as I have planned or as much as I want to do.
I have to work tomorrow, for the first time since THANKSGIVING! Wow! How blessed am I?! I will say if anything this year I am (it's a process with me) learning that "I" am worth something! I deserve good things, and most of all, I am learning to LOVE myself as I am. That is very difficult even to "blog." I bring that point up, because I do deserve a wonderful husband that works hard to provide for his family so that I don't have too. (keep repeating........)
I am blessed and thankful for the life I have!
whew.... that is a long way off from where I started with my blonde moment story.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

How time flies.......

Ok, are we having fun yet??? I was trying to add up how much money I have spent on gym fees this year, vs how much weight I have lost.... Not enlightening! To make matters even better it has been freezing cold. The thought of jumping into the pool, heated or not, does not sound pleasant. Yesterday I threw out my back, picking up what probably could be the lightest package Amazon has ever delivered.
I refuse to give up! Just flat out refuse!! By golly, I am gonna climb this darn
blasted Everest if it's the last thing I do!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Can you guess what this is?

Here is a list:
3 slices of pizza
one bluetooth ear piece
lip gloss
coin purse
cell phone
graded school papers

Can you guess what it is? It's "some" of the contents inside my 9yos purse! crazy huh?! yep, Pizza! She had these pictures of pizza, almost actual size that were laminated. I thought it was hilarious.
One the fitness note: My asthma has come on full force. I was just outside for no more than 5 minutes taking a peek at the spectacular event in the sky tonight. It was a three way conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and the crescent moon. It literally was right outside our front door!!! Kinda spooky actually. Amazing sight though, when you know what you are looking at. It will not appear that way again until 1952

Anyway, I had to come in, because my airway was not happy with the cold air. I lost my voice in just that short time! I was even having shortness of breath.... so back to bed I go. We were planning to go out to dinner, but the boys vetoed that after I came in. : (