Sunday, December 28, 2008

Blonde Moment

I swear I had typed up a really nice "summary" of the year and poof! It's gone. I thought it saved itself. Guess not. Oh well. I am at a loss for words when it comes to my lack of progress. All I can say is, I do hope that maybe this year I have made some "emotional" progress. I do believe all that must be in line regardless of what you do to take the weight off, if you don't work on the inside it will come back.
I know now, I had talked in my imaginary post about how I always manage to lose weight during the holidays. Not like massive amounts, but I don't gain. Am I happier at this time? Truth be told, the holidays are an emotional
h*ll for me. We don't have family anywhere within 600+ miles of us. I feel I have to make the most of it for the children. I hope they will grow up with some memories of decorating, gingerbread houses and the such. I never do as much as I have planned or as much as I want to do.
I have to work tomorrow, for the first time since THANKSGIVING! Wow! How blessed am I?! I will say if anything this year I am (it's a process with me) learning that "I" am worth something! I deserve good things, and most of all, I am learning to LOVE myself as I am. That is very difficult even to "blog." I bring that point up, because I do deserve a wonderful husband that works hard to provide for his family so that I don't have too. (keep repeating........)
I am blessed and thankful for the life I have!
whew.... that is a long way off from where I started with my blonde moment story.

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