Monday, January 12, 2009

Here we go again...

I have not given up! I will not give up! I will not give up! I have been trying really hard to work on "loving" myself as I am. My gosh, so much easier said than done. I think nurses are excellenct examples of people that take such good care of others but neglect themselves. So many in this profession are overweight, and smokers. I don't think you can say the same thing about Doctors. Maybe because they work so many darn crazy hours they somehow stay in shape that way?
This time of year it is so interesting all the gym commercials and weight loss commercials that start popping up. I really wish I could talk to Wyonna Judd. Alli? Really? Come on! I have to share a hilarious story about Alli and why I think so negatively about it.
As any place where there are many females topics of just about anything go! There was a nurse on our unit that decided she needed to lose a few pounds and would try Alli. Let me just say, she was not your typical overweight girl. She is one of the smart ones that pays attention to when she gains a few pounds and takes action so she can maintain a healthy weight. This girl is crazy and will divulge ANY information about her private life. Hence, why this story was pretty much public knowledge. So, she is at work one day and has taken her Alli. As it warns, she had "flatulance" issues. Gas for lay terms. She thought she found a quiet spot to relieve herself, when to her surprise it was not just "gas" that came out!!!
Yep! You guessed it! As they say in the movie Along Came Polly, she "sharted!"
Luckily it was not a large amount, but nonetheless she did have to change her clothing which is a warning on the bottle!! It tells you to be prepared that you may have to be with a change of clothes while you are on it. It happens when you don't follow a healthy diet and if you eat anything high in fat, etc. Yeah, I can laugh at this because it did not happen to me. Heavens forbid you are somewhere that it is difficult for you to cover up or get away. NO THANKS! I guess I see Alli as a form of medication that causes unpleasantness like the medication that people take when they are not suppose to drink (Antabuse). I will keep going... one step at a time.

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MaBunny said...

LMAO Chica, I've heard several stories of accidental 'sharts' happening due to Alli. It also warns of oily gas and stools - yucky, I'll stick to my exercycle tyvm...