Friday, January 16, 2009


What do you think? I've been wanting to do this for a long time and just have not done it. I went with hearts not for valentines, but because I LOVE myself!! Yee-ha, Woo Hoo and Yippe I Ay! Ok, so I am at least making an effort. I am also working on a "workout" partner. Lots of stuff in the works. lol I feel like this year will bring about many changes if "I" let it. I am the only one that is holding myself back, and I now realize that. Years ago in nursing school we went to a summer camp in Colorado. It was beautiful and I have to say one of the key moments in my life. We had to do this "obstacle" course if you will.... It involved swinging from one tall tree to another with the harness on you and holding on to a wire, it had a rope bridge that you had to cross and at the end it had a bar about 2-3 feet out. You were suppose to jump and grab the bar and the people on the ground would slowly let you down. This was not only physically challenging but mentally challenging. It was moving, it was life changing. I wish I could say I jumped... I didn't! What a bummer. I did sit on the board and slide off and they lowered me to the ground.
I don't consider it a failure since I did complete the course and being of my weight I think that is pretty remarkable! I don't have pictures of it, I wish I did. They are however forever etched in my mind. I feel as if I am on this course and am coming upon the end, and this time I need to jump by golly! Wish me luck!

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MaBunny said...

I love it Chica! The new blog layout is very pretty.
This year will bring about alot of new changes, and it will be GREAT!