Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have to vent for a bit, because if I don't then I will probably eat my frustration. I already went to IHOP for breakfast this morning, so I don't
need to misbehave the rest of the day.
Ok, here goes. This OBAMA thing... I tend to have a rule about not talking
religion/spirtuality or politics with people I'm not married too. I am
breaking this rule today. I just don't get it people! All this "history is
being made," "we have come so far" makes me feel like we are focusing on
EXACTLY what we are suppose to not be focused on... THE COLOR OF HIS SKIN!!!
I fell like shouting, HELLO! We obviously have made NO progress if all
the excitement is over a "black" president and not a "well qualified"
president, who happens to be black!? Furthermore is he really "black"?
I have brown skin, yes I do! I am Hispanic, Mexican-American, or Latin call
it what you want. I call myself an AMERICAN! Arrr! I feel my heartbeat
rising... Ok, so maybe you ask... did Chica vote for OBAMA? Obviously, NO!
You might think I am being bitter cuz my guy didn't win, yeah so?! ha ha
Don't get me wrong, I want what is best for this country. At this moment
I am having a really tough time jumping on the halleluiah, we have come so far
wagon. Am I the only one that has this perspective?
Ok, there. I can say it doesn't feel as good as a king size snickers, but I will
be happy that I vented and didn't eat my candy bar in front of the tv yelling
at Charles Gibson. : )


MaBunny said...

I'm proud of you too chica that you didn't eat your candy bar , while yelling at the TV. You did a very good job of opening our eyes to the REAL spirit of the day and not the color of someones skin:)

Hot Chica in Me said...

Thanks a gazillion MaBunny!!
Hope you are having a much better day today than yesterday!