Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Big one, three!

Yep, 13 years of marriage! Whew, honestly didn't think I would ever say that. Not cuz my marriage is on the rocks or anything, cuz I never thought I was gonna get married!! Much less last 13 years. I guess this is a great place to tell the story of how I met my other half. Actually, we will skip the how we met. Let me sum it up by saying, we were married 15 wks and 4 days after we met! There, eloped to the Grand Canyon. What a blast that was!
We live almost completely in between both our families. I am from El Paso, and he is from upstate New York. Being as we have no family here, we seldom get "childless" nights. We were blessed to have a dear GF of mine keep our children for the weekend. She lives out in the country. Not the country as some people call it today, but like the country, country. My kids got to DRIVE 4 wheelers, and go carts all around their property. My son actually tried capturing crawdads from a creek! Pretty adventuresome for that city boy. I really think they had more fun that we did. We found ourselves kinda lost...... I did not make any plans, even though I had a few days to think of what we could do. It never fails when I count on the kids being gone, something happens. One year for our anniversary we had arranged for the children to each be with their own friend. BOTH sides cancelled on us. I did not want to get my hopes up. We did have a nice leisurely breakfast out, then went to some way over priced antique shops. I have to applaud hubby for actually going to see a chick flik with me. FYI, don't hurry to go see the new What Happens in Vegas movie. It's ok, that's about it. Very predictable and boring in parts. It's funny, cuz we were invited to a cook out, but it was an hour drive away and there were going to be tons of kids there. That one didn't make sense. I also had talked to another friend of mine and we were gonna go out for sushi. When time came, I was not in the mood to "doll up." My, how we get set in our ways. All in all we have had a nice quiet time together.

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Mabunny said...

Well, Happy Anniversary! We too , were busy all weekend. When we look forward to childless times, they come about and we are like huh? what do we do now? lol.
On my birthday one year we had plans for the kiddo to be kept by a friend of ours, then she got strept throat and we wound up in the ER, and my parents brought my dinner and cake to the house and left it in the fridge. Not very fun, lol.
Congratulations on the 13 years:))