Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"The Talk"

Big SIGH! I can't believe I'm having to walk this rite of passage already. My daughter just turned 9 a few days ago! YIKES! The talk I'm referring too is the one that explains what happens to a woman's body once a month. The other talk is "The BIG Talk" this is just the talk. Nonetheless, one I have thought of how I was going to handle since I found out I was pregnant with a girl. Yep, I'm one of those paranoid over achievers, that thinks of all kinds of crazy things, way ahead of time. I imagined us sitting together, having this wonderful mother daughter moment. I don't know why?! That's NOT how it happened in my world. NOPE, not at all.
In my world we went on bathroom break as a class in the 3rd grade. Then the group of girls that were in the bathroom started screaming cuz "Lina" was bleeding and we thought she was gonna die! Our poor teacher had to deal with us and our curious faces the rest of the day. She told us to ask our parents to explain to us what had happened. I did. My mother did not want to tell me. She made me wait a few days, until I had pouted enough. Gosh, the torture. I can't imagine being a mother of one of the boys in class and having him come home and ask me that.
Then again, my daughter did ask me the other day, "Mom, what does horny mean?" Talk about wanting the earth to swallow you up. Apparently, some girls at school know what it means, and she didn't, and they made fun of her. JOY!
Back to the present. My daughter's talk didn't happen that way either! So, my beautiful mental mother daughter moment never happened. Nope. Not at all that way. While away this weekend, my daughter "confirmed" what she had already been told by a friend at school. Yeah, two of her other friends mother's told me they had the talk with them. Apparently, a book was shared and questions were answered. So, this weekend.... My lovely God Daughter who is a few years older and has walked through "the moment" shared some of her knowledge and confirmed, elaborated, on the process. The best part, when my GF told me that she already knew, I tried to be in denial. My daughter walks into the kitchen and my GF says, "Carson, when your Mom talks to you about your uterus shedding, act surprised okay?" Carson say, "Cool" in her non-chalant I don't care right now, nine year old manner and walks away.
Great! Gotta love it! I did try and create my moment and sat with her recently and asked her if she had any questions about "her uterus shedding" and she said no. I had not heard her say it. I asked her, do you know what it is called? She would not say it. We play a game, where she is the mom and I am the daughter. So, I acted like I was the daughter wanting to know what it is called. Finally, she said it. It's called a period, MOM! I asked her, why isn't it called a question mark? : )

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Mabunny said...

OH boy! I know, Nicole asked me what Horny meant too, but didn't tell me where she had heard it... lovely.
Anyway, that talk is not bad, we still have to get the BIG talk out of the way, and I am SO not looking forward to that:))

will ttyl chica