Sunday, October 12, 2008

Got Pocketbook??

Do you LOVE purses?? I do. Only my problem is, I like the high dollar ones. The really cute, rare, unique kind. I so don't like having a purse "just like everyone else." Drives me crazy!! There is a giveaway going on, to win a free purse, just check it out!! click here Ok, so I grew up calling them "purses." I have a good friend from the big apple that calls them pocketbooks. Yeah, she says it with a funny NY accent. She says "I" talk funny. I don't think so. Ain't that right ya'll wink wink. So, it cracks me up when we first meet and she kept referring to her pocketbook. I kept thinkin' she was referring to her wallet?! Nope, to her, pocketbook = purse. Go figure! I guess there is the whole "handbag" issue as well. I guess what you call it must be related to where you grew up.

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MaBunny said...

HAHA, thats funny chica. Different parts of a state might even have different dialects and words for things. After 29 yrs some people still can tell that Im not a real 'sutherner', lol.