Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Farewell Summer Days....

It's approaching. Whether I want it too or not! The laid back, non-structured, stay in your jammies, sleep late, stay up till whenever you want, eat breakfast at noon, don't care if you comb your hair days will be gone in just a few days. School starts Monday. As far as "prep" stuff the kids are ready. School supplies, uniforms, backpacks, all that has been ready long time ago. Now it's just time to MENTALLY prepare. I'm nervous! Carson ended the school year with anxiety issues and mild panic attacks. I keep asking her to tell me if anything went wrong? Nope. Nothing, she says. All of a sudden it's like the umbilical cord has been re-attached. She doesn't want to leave my side. She will only stay over at ONE friends house. Not like her at all. To top it off Nicole is not in her class. OMG! Major crisis. I am praying, and we are talking everyday, about school and how it will be fun, exciting etc etc. She is not convinced. We were out and about running errands yesterday and we both have been under the weather. She said she wanted a cake. I said, ok! She wanted a Busy B's Bakery cake, not just any cake. Fine, no problem. I had been craving a cake from there myself, but trying to keep the sugar down, had not even verbalized it. Funny, how she picked that up. We walk into the bakery and there it was. The perfect cake to end the summer with. The lady laughed when I told her what I wanted written on it. She thought it was perfect. So here's a pic of our "Farewell Summer Days" flip flop cake. It's yummie btw!
I've only had ONE piece. I'm about ready to pass some out to the neighbors, just so I will not be tempted.

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Mabunny said...

Yea Chica, Nicole is bummed that Carson won't be in the same class, let alone the same building. But they will have lunch and recess together at least... Mentally preparing is not going over well here either, for much the same reasons as you mentioned!
I love the cake idea! Nicole and I get a girls weekend this weekend, so hopefully that will help!