Sunday, November 1, 2009


Seriously? Did I only blog once last month? Usually, I average once a week, or 4 per month which I think is fairly decent for my sooo exciting life. Wow!
Well, this is going to be brief and concise...
1- Had a Dr's appt. At my highest weight ever! So not happy! BEST lab results ever!! Go figure!!??
2-Halloween was super OOC!! (out of control) Family went in 3 different directions. Lorenzo went to his first ever lock in. I was very nervous and got very lil sleep. He did great and placed 3rd in the Halo tournament. Great job son!
I had a super hilarious costume that cost me nothing! yeah! I was the H1N1 vaccine and DH was the swine flu! That cost us nothing as well, cuz I made the pig snout out of card stock and the rest was stuff we had.
3-Woke up Nov 1, to the nast surprise of a brick through the back window of my suburban!! ARRRRRRR! So NOT cool! Tomorrow I have the pleasure of dealing with
glass companies to come out and fix it. Wish I could find those kids!! Apparently, several things were done in our neighborhood and another one not to far away!
Well, I am one tired pup. off 2 bed.

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MaBunny said...

omg.. that is TOOO funny! love the pig snout!