Sunday, February 21, 2010


Wow! I knew I had not blogged in awhile... but since last year?? Wow! Just had to say it again. Well, so I've been doing some "soul" searching. It has now been a year since my brother passed away. With his passing came many changes and many realizations. I started this blog yearssss ago! Seriously, that is sad that I don't even have 100 posts. So, when I started it was because my brother's health was so bad and mine was no better with my weight, I decided I wanted to blog about weight loss. I have yet to write one post on nutrition, healthy cooking, workouts, or anything fitness related. Lately, I have been doing some serious blog surfing and I find myself glued again and again to creative type blogs. One thing I knew about my job as a NICU nurse was that it did not "feed" my creative beast. Yes, it's a beast ladies and gentlemen! This beast is constantly talking to me, look at this, did you see that, what would you do here, and the one I constantly hear is, "I can do that!" I love that I get such inspiration from perfect strangers that open their homes and hearts online. With all this said, I think my blog is going to take a different direction. This is a big leap of faith.. Wish me luck, and most of all stay tuned! Ciao chicas!

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