Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Yep, I think I'm back in gear. I've hit the gym twice this week already. I started to feel like the little advancement I had made was disappering, so that put a fire under my butt. I hate when you have your mind made up to do something but your body fights your mind and your body starts to act up. My knee is bothering me. Last year I was told I have a torn meniscus. Being the typical RN that I am, I did not want surgery. Why, you ask? Because, I'm a big scarredy cat. I have learned to live with it and so far am doing ok. I think I aggravated it in my "vault" back into my fitness routine. I should try walking in, like all other human beings. Bet that will work. I went to my water class this morning, and I got there late, which means a bad spot in the pool. The instructor claims they are not allowed to play music, whateva! So, when I'm in there, I use my "mental Ipod." Today, I kept hearing a song in my head that my son was singing to yesterday. We were driving into school, and being the hip chica Mom that I am, we were listening to a teeny booper station. I love this station, cuz they play all kinds of fun upbeat music, where you can understand the words. Well, usually. A blast from my past was blaring on the radio and my son starts singing along at the top of his lungs.... "He was a JUICE BOX HERO......" I about went off the side of the road laughing. Once I gained my composure, I explained to him what a "jukebox" was. I have to remind him to ask his teen something guitar teacher to teach him to play the juice box hero song. So anyway, Juice Box Hero got me through my class today. Now, I bet you are gonna have that song in your head today. Try not to grin too much. : )

On a side note, I bought my kids a hula hoop yesterday. Well, they each got their own. It was hilarious watching them try to master this. Even funnier was "me" trying to relive those years. I am determined to get this! I'll keep ya posted on how that goes.

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