Friday, February 22, 2008

So this is what we spend our money on?

I last wrote about my son singing Juice Box Hero and asking his guitar teacher to teach him to play that. So, we go to his lesson on Thursday. I picked him up and asked how his lesson went. "fine, mom." Oh yea, did you ask your teacher about juice box hero? "No, but I did ask him if he has ever "sh-arted" (not sure of the correct grammar there) For those of you that don't know what "sh-arting" is... It is a combination of farting and having something else come out with and or instead. Gross! I can't believe I'm writing about this. Anyway. He eagerly tells me his teacher said "yeah!" Once again, I about go off the side of the road. What?! MOM, he told me that once he was walking his dog at the park with his GF and he thought he was gonna fart and he sh-arted instead. I was completely at a loss for words. Now, you know this guy is a late teen, early 20 something. I guess boys talk freely about that stuff. I got a long explanation about how this topic came up in a music lesson, which did not make any sense to me. I guess it was one of those, had to be there moments. So, did you learn anything else at your lesson today? Nah, not really.. GREAT! This is what we spend our money on!

Pic info: 80's party. green and yellow mohawk

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