Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sharing a GREAT tip!

Ok, so they say charma is a *itch. I know this to be true. A few weeks ago there was a coworker of mine sharing how she had a "critter" in her garage. She is single, extremely girly girl, and very umm how should I put this... skit-ish.
Yeah. good word. She went on to tell us how she only had a broom and her car in her garage and she could see the critter here and there. Of course as goes anything with an audience EVERYONE had some sort of input for her. Someone mentioned the tractor supply. Well, I have explained how girly girl she is and so I made a comment about the visual of her walking into a tractor supply and if she even knew what that was.
Soooooooo, the next week I am off to work and pulling out of the drive way and WHAT do I see scamper across the garage floor??? YOU GUESSED IT! A critter! ERRRRRR!
So I told DH we had a visitor. As "charma" goes, the visitor happened to get stuck in the master bedroom wall. Am I sure of this? YEP! Without a doubt! As I now know that these "critters" are nocturnal, I did not sleep for days. I could here this thing clawing and clawing at the wall, trying to get up or out or something. It would just go wild at night. Of course I was more afraid that it would get out because the noise was right behind a phone jack. JOY~
As nature goes, it FINALLY died. Well, I was not prepared for what came next.....
THE SMELL!! At first I asked DH if he was okay, cuz there was this stench coming from the bathroom. (the phone jack is just on the other side of the master bath)
He laughed and informed me of what it was and of what was to come. We tried candles, arm and hammer with NO success. I finally went to the internet and searched for an answer. I found a site that briefly mentioned some rocks sold at home depot and how they worked and were only $6! Well, at this point I was ready to do about anything.
Off to the depot we go. DH is home taking a nap... with the smell I don't know how. We stop and ask a group of about FIVE employees to direct us to what we are looking for. First they swear they don't sell such a thing. Then one lady tells me if it's rocks, it's in the garden section. ie. just get outta here lady. Then after checking the cleaning aisle, the kill critters section and not finding anything we head to the garden section. My children now ready to leave ask yet another employee who once again says they don't sell such a thing. As a typical woman, not wanting to take NO for an answer I ask one more employee. He quickly says, sure let me show you where. (may many, many blessings come this man's way!!) He leads us back to the cleaning aisle where I begin to think they must be out of whatever I'm looking for because we had searched this aisle. Well... on the very top shelf there was an edge of a box with the word GONZO across it. Insert heavenly angles singing here. lol He lead us right to it! GLORY GLORY GLORY!!! I bought TWO bags, just in case. It is these rocks or pellets or something in a mesh bag. You never take them out of the mesh and apparently these things last forever. When you feel they are not working anymore put them in the sun for a few hours and ta da, you are good to go again. I am here to tell ya, IT WORKS! It does nto smell like death in here anymore.
So, yet another lesson learned........

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MaBunny said...

We occassionally have critters here too, due to the humongous field behind our house. We have had them cause a smell too, an it does go away, but I burn LOTS of candles during the day and half or so, lol. Maybe I'll go find those thingies...
and yes they are very noisy at night.