Friday, April 3, 2009

Dance Till Ya Can't Dance No More!

Earlier I posted I was dancing in the rain. Well, it seems FINALLY
the rain is letting up. At least for today... I will be thankful for this ray of hope, beam of sunshine. I guess I am coming to grips with the fact that God is doing some major stuff with me this year. Nothing I didn't need. I don't like to live in denial. So, for today, I am gonna dance til I can't dance no more baby!
I am getting frustrated that I can't get a good enough block of time in my day to do what I need to do. I spend so much time on the daw-gone road!! I think today ALONE I will have put 100 miles on my Suburban! YIKES! Did you notice gas is going up!?
Arrrr! Just when I was catching my breath.
Well, I tried to cancel my gym membership and guess what? Apparently, LA Fitness has some "loop" where the paperwork has to go in 20 days before your payment is due. Sooooo, now I have until May 7. BUT,... I paid first and last months payment so actually, I have a membership until June 7. Hmmm, what excuse will I come up with next? NONE! I better get my gluteus maximus in there. I also got to look up my "activity" and it's pitiful!~ No wonder I am seeing such
results. I am being realistic and giving myself a break due to my brother's passing. Slowly but surely as my mother says.
Well, for know I have a piece of the dance floor calling my name! I am crankin up the Jams today, and gonna drown myself in loud, upbeat music. Wish I had an awesome sound system in my truck, then I could compete with some of those cars that come up next to you and you feel your car start vibrating. HA! Just had a funny visual. I'm jamming out loud and proud to Miley Cyrus and pull up to one of them cars...
Hope that puts a smile on your face, like it did mine! : )

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MaBunny said...

Hey, I danced my booty off yesterday too, although be it at work, had fun, hope you did too!