Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Mother Nature!?

Mother nature has been in a weird mood lately! It's like she can't make up her mind.
We get teased with this gorgeous, and I do mean gorgeous weather. The kind of weather that makes you want to play hookie from work, and just soak up that just perfect sunshine! The get out and walk the dog, play with the kids, sit an read a book under a tree weather, the kind of day you read about in books that take an entire page to describe it's perfectness, is the kind of days we got teased with. Let me get something straight here, it was a tease. Just a few. Nothing that would make us put all our eggs in one basket, as we say here in the south.
Suddenly, HOLY FIRECRACKER BATMAN! IT's freeeeeeezing outside!!! Not just cold, but cold and windy!! I have a friend in Amarillo. The last time we chatted they had gotten 18 inches of snow and the visibility was about zero. Did I mention it's late MARCH? SNOW! TEXAS!? Who knows what is going on with mother nature. Perhaps she is not taking her ginko-bilboa and she forgot we are ahem, in SPRING? Here in north Texas this time of year, you usually hear "I've had my air conditioner on since February." My truck is so filthy, it looks like the vehicles you see on the news that have layers and layers of dirt on them after a bad storm. Every time, I think of giving Stella a bath, the weatherman tells me otherwise. I think I'm going to just run her through tomorrow, regardless. Who's Stella, you ask? My Suburban of course. Yes, she has a name. My other suburban was named Ethel. It was the older model with a HUGE gas tank. I loved it, cuz I could go almost forever without having to get gas. Not only that, prices weren't up in the sky then, like they are now.
On the "fitness" note. I think I am going to have to break down and cancel my gym membership. Tears, sniff, more tears. With me being "in between jobs" I need to cut back here and there, on a few little things that add up. I am dreading making the phone call, cuz those sales people can be pushy!! We all gotta make a living, I know. I am banking on some good walk outside weather that should be coming up here soon. Then we have the summer coming up, and I get to swim my heart out. I am counting on the offer of a generous couple I know, that don't mind me and my children invading their gorgeous pool. With the latest on the weather forefront, I'm afraid to think what this means about the type of summer we will have. We shall have to wait and see, wait and see, my chicas.


MaBunny said...

I hear ya Chica! the weather has been NUTS!

MaBunny said...

come get your award!