Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reflecting on Father's Day

It's Father's Day today. It is always a bitter sweet day for me. I lost my father 23 years ago. Wow! As you know, this year I lost my brother. Having my Dad gone for so long, my brother was in a dual role. Gosh, darn it! I'm already crying..

Okay, I'm back.
Where was I? Ah yes.. I was not sure how I would feel today. I know that I have to be thankful that "MY" children have a father to celebrate the day with. I am! Don't get me wrong. It's "my" father missing that brings me down. I have come to realize that a father is irreplaceable! I don't know why, God thinks some of us will do okay, without one. I have learned this. God taketh, and he giveth. Yeah, I know that I said it backwards. I say it that way, cuz I have come to realize that he really does know what he is doing! Imagine that! I've reconnected with a friend of mine from HS. In just the few months we have been in contact again, I have gotten very comfortable with him. I am trying to view it this way. God took my sick brother that needed to get some rest and gave me a younger healthier "brother" in my life. Thanks big guy! It helps the hurt when I think of it that way.
I hope that Dad and Tiny are having an awesome first Father's Day together in so many years!
With our current cut in income we have not done major gifts for each other on Mother's Day or Father's Day. I cooked my butt off this week for Chris. He loves Mexican food and that is what he wanted. I also cleaned out "most" of the garage. He was complaining of it getting too cluttered. Since losing my brother with the depression my organizing OCD compulsion has gone to the way side. It is amazing how quickly things pile up in just 6 months! All in all, I have to say it was cleansing. Gathering all the stuff that needed to go, baggin it up, and getting it out is kind of like all the sad, hurt and pain that I need to let go of and get
it bagged up and outta here! In between all the cooking and garage I actually managed to organize my closet. It looks so cool now! I should have done before and after pictures. Oh well.
It's been an emotional roller coaster weekend. I'm glad the ride is over.
Until next time Chicas!


MaBunny said...

Oh Chica, I'm glad you reconnected with a new 'brother'. Also sounds like you are back on the right track with all your cleaning and organizing! Glad Chris got all the mexican food he wanted!
Hope he had a great Fathers Day!

Hot Chica in Me said...

thanks for always leaving me a comment! My "one" true reader!!
I am blessed to have you in my life, conejita!