Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Motivation in Strange Places

How embarrassing, but I'm gonna say it. I'm a "trash TV" junkie. Ya know all those trashy reality shows. Yep, addicted to a few. There is one I started to watch completely by accident. It's Workout on Bravo TV. Now, I never thought I would be one to say that I got motivation from a reality TV show where the focus is on a gay female! Well, I have. It takes patience to weed out the trash, but underneath it, there are some good motivational tools in there. The episode where the "sky labers" are in therapy and the gay guy yells, at the chubby girl, "just shut up and DO IT!" OMG! Loved it! It was like he was yelling at me. Today was the finale and they had their reveal moments. How awesome it is too see someone accomplish their goal. I have to say, as hard as it was today, I did not load my grocery cart with refined sugar! I passed the aisle with the baked goods. Whew. The hardest part was the cake mix aisle. I so wanted to buy some chocolate chip cookie mix. I didn't. Kept going. I have to do this, for me and my children. A couple of nights a week, we have been driving to our new dog friendly outdoor mall. Our dogs love the walk, and it's giving us some exercise. Last night, was just gorgeous. After it rained, it cooled down and the horrible humidity was gone. We skipped tonight. I'm dealing with a chronic sinus infection. My headache has been horrendous today. Just like the climbers on Everest continue with illness, so will I. Where is my Sherpa when I need one??

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Mabunny said...

Let me just give a personal WHOOP WHOOP for you passing up the refined sugar aisle! I know how hard that was for you and gratz on not getting cookie mix:))
I'm proud of you chica!