Thursday, May 14, 2009

And the Angels Sang.....

I'm referring to what happened when I walked into the gym for the first time in several months! Yes, I said months. Obviously running into my water instructor at Costco was not enough to get my butt back in gear. What did it? I have been having swelling in my left lower leg. It has been going on for literally years!! It gets better and then gets worse. I literally can have it an inch bigger than the other leg. Yes, I'm a nurse. We measure things like this. : )
I went to the Dr and had a doppler study done. I've had one done years ago and they were not concerned. Well, this time he tells me that there is "back pooling" in both my legs, but it is worse on the left. JOY! Then he says... I think it looks blue. WHAT? NO, it doesn't! I admit when it gets really swollen it does look horrible. The day I went to see him was not so bad. Oh well, there ya have it. The thought of losing my leg, or legs finally got me moving again.
I'm still pretty depressed. I thought I was doing better and today, as I was walking out of the locker room I see my water instructor. (Racheal) She is the same one I ran into at Costco... She only teaches on Mondays, so she had just worked out herself. I said, HI and she was happy to see me at the gym. She said something towards me not having been in such a long time and I finally told her that I had lost my brother. She polietly said, she was sorry about that... and then it happens... I start tearing up!!! I couldn't believe it! I thought I was coming to a point where I could talk about it and not cry... Maybe I'm just PMS'ing?
In the meantime, I have desperately been trying to keep myself busy with easy mindless work. Carson's teacher asked me to help decorate their classroom for "college week." She picked UT, so it was longhorn city! The great thing is, that we worked so hard, WE WON! I say, "we" cuz when you go for 5 hours on a Saturday and spend 2 more days during school hours.. that is a "we" project!
She took pics of the Principal and VP's and put their faces on cheerleaders.
It was so funny and cute!

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