Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Period

Yep. We are there. The time a mom thinks will come wayyyy down the road. Nope! Since 3rd grade the discussion began. At that time we went over what it was, what happens, how often, just the basics. I knew there would come a day that she would be ready for more information. The day came. Thankfully, I think I was a bit prepared with my "props." I had a sample of a panti-liner, regular pad with wings, super tampon, and a regular tampon. I had requested a sample from a freebie sight and it came with one of each. I stashed it and knew it would come in handy one day.
I had her bring a pair of her panties and we went over how to correctly place each one and what the "wings" are for, and when to use a pad vs a panti-liner....
Then the fun part began. She had been asking lots of questions, because apparently a classmate of her's walked through the rite of passage over the weekend. The poor thing started while swimming. My poor daughter was so worried that she would start one day while we were swimming. We swim about 3 times a week during the summer. She asked me if they have to drain the entire pool when that happens. I felt sooo bad that she had been so worried. Thank goodness, she only went through a few hours of agony and had the courage to come talk to me after school!!
Well, because of her friends incident she wanted to know about tampons. She heard you are suppose to use those when you go swimming. I opened one up and showed her how to insert it, just using my hands while explaining where it went. I then put it under running water and showed her how it expands and can possibly leak and why you need some protection even while wearing a tampon. I did tell her, for a few hours in the pool it would be ok, however be sure to tuck the string in so it is not noticeable. I also showed her how to position herself to make it easier if she wanted to try to use them. I don't keep any in the house, so I have no worries of her hurting herself or anything. She would have to ask me to buy some or of course, could get one from a friend at school.
Finally, I went over steps to take should it happen while she was at school. I gave her a pad and a pantiliner to keep in her locker. Even though there are only a few days of school left, I could tell it gave her tons of peace of mind. Me on the other hand is now freaking out that my just turned 10 baby girl is growing up faster than I am ready for!!

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MaBunny said...

Yuppers Chica, it is upon us. One of Nicoles table mates went through the same right of passage last Monday in gym and there was NO WAY she was going to ask Coach Burns to go to the nurse. She told Nicole that she stuffed her undies with toilet paper till she got home.
We can go through this one together, lol.