Sunday, May 17, 2009

Good Gathering

I've been on facebook (fb) for awhile now. I recently got reconnected to a fried from elementary school. She led to a cascade effect of friends from High School, Jr High and Elementary. It has been fun seeing where people live now and who has how many kids and what career paths some ended up walking down.
Back in February, I spontaneously met up with Victor, and we went to Dick's Last Resort for a super fun night of ELVIS impersonators! What a blast that was. So last night, he held a small intimate gathering at his house for some super yummy "Chico's Tacos!"
Now, if you are not from EL Paso, you most likely do not understand the hype about these tacos. You can only find them in El Paso. They are super cheap! When we were growing up we would go out and party like rock stars and take the last few dollars you could scrape up and get a full tummy on a double order with extra cheese! My mouth is watering just typing this...
Victor went to ELP over Mother's Day weekend and brought back some tacos for us!
What a sweetheart! He apparently showed great restraint not eating them all up during the week. Just between us, I don't believe him. HeHeHe
I think he just bought extra. I know I would have!!
When we arrived at his house, he opens the door and had on a actual "Chico's Tacos" t-shirt! It was too funny. He actually brought back the paper bowls and everything to make it as authentic as possible. My husband didn't really understand what the hype was all about. I told him, I guess maybe we are tasting the memories. Not sure, but they are yummy. Don't get me wrong. It's not like gourmet yummy. It's like, that funky, craving you get over something that only you understand.
I'm glad we went. It was a beautiful evening outside on his patio. We came back home and found that Carson had frosted her cake, but didn't cut it, cuz she wanted us to see it. It was so cute, but she was wiped out and asleep when we got home.
She got to cut her cake with her Bff Nicole today, so all was well!

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MaBunny said...

Chicos Tacos sounds to El Paso like White Castle Hamburgers to Chicago/Minnesota.
Lat time I ate them I couldn't remember why they were supposed to be so good - yucky! Glad to hear that wasn't the case with the tacos!
Nicole said she had a blast over there yesterday!