Friday, April 4, 2008

Doctors going High-Tech

When did this happen? My children had a dentist appointment today. To most mothers this would not be a big issue. In our family it is. I have a SEVERE latex allergy. This office happens to use latex gloves, so even sitting in there waiting room is dangerous for me. There are many things that I can't do. The list just keeps growing. It is very frustrating. Anyway, usually my husband takes them. Today he was not able to take off work. Everyone knows how hard it is to re-schedule an appointment. I talked to the kids and decided they were old enough and okay about going in without me. They have been with this office for several years now. We get to the parking lot and I jot a few notes down, for them to hand to the dental hygienist. Off they go. It's about 45 minutes now. I have made phone calls, cleaned my purse, thoroughly inspected my eyebrows with the nice mirror and light on the sunshade thing, and even took a power nap. I decide I should at least maybe stand out in the hall. I walk up to the office and it has gone through a major re-model. Immediately through the glass windows, my eyes go to the LARGE plasma TV mounted on the wall, playing Alvin and the Chipmunks. Excuse me! Wait. Against the wall, is a massive "pottery barn" type shelf. The entire wall! It has pretty baskets and nice breakable decorations, that of course all match. The thing looked like something right off the pages of pottery barn. After picking my mouth up off the floor, I did not see my kids sitting anywhere in front of the "movie" screen. I walk over to the other side of the office. There are THREE computer screens. THREE video game systems. XBOX 360, Playstation 2, and a gamecube. Okay, now in a curious robotic stage, I keep walking just to see what else they have done. There is a "coffee station." There are about 5 different types of coffees. At this point I'm thinking I will never get them out of there! I did not see them anywhere in there. It was actually pretty outside so I went to go sit on a bench while I waited for them. A few minutes later, they come walking out, accompanied by their dental hygienist. She was very nice and went over there visit with me. I was impressed that she walked out to update me. I talked about their office renovations and she informed me they are working on being a latex free office! Woo Hoo The only thing missing from there was an actual Starbucks. When did this happen? Dr's catering in such a way to this generation. What about us Mom's?? When am I going to walk into the OB/GYN office and say, where do I sign up for my pedi/mani while I wait?? Or, are there any slots open for a chair massage? It's just not fair people! Just not fair!
I'm afraid to wonder what next?

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