Sunday, April 13, 2008

What People Say.

Sometimes you just can't believe what comes out of a person's mouth, can ya? I know I have mentioned my latex allergy before. Well, what I may not have mentioned is that I am currently discovering that I am having issues with makeup. There seems to be something in them that "resembles" the chemical make up of a latex protein. My body does not know how to tell the difference. My face is taking a toll. I look like a teen going through puberty twice. I have NEVER had skin issues. Never had blemish's in high school, or later. Well, I am paying now. My reaction looks like I have been burned (redness) along with what looks like acne. Maybe part of it is, but not all of it. It hurts like the dickens, and acne doesn't hurt like this. It itches, it burns. Anyway, I was at work and this housekeeper begins to inquire about what is going on with my face. Now, mind you, I don't know her very well. I raise my children to value people and respect them. I know you may have read the email about the teacher that gave the question about extra credit if they could name the housekeepers name. I like to be friendly to all. I always say hello to her, move out of her way, if it will help her clean. She has a job to do, as I. I have never discussed anything further with her, other than how are you? So, she turns to me and says, "What is wrong with your face? It looks bad! You have an allergy or something?" Now I am a blink away from tears, people! I about wanted to die. I have tried making appointments with dermatologist and apparently it is a booming practice and availability is months away. I have been trying everything under the sun, to try and fix it. So, needless to say, it has been a down weekend. I am now SUPER SELF CONSCIOUS about this. I finally have an appointment this coming week. Wish me luck!
Finally, my butt continues to grow. Very frustrating! I have decided I need help. This week I am looking into programs like WW, Jenny Craig, Nutra Systems etc, to see what I think will fit me best. I saw a friend recently that got the lapband and has lost 75 lbs! Wow, good for her! We all want that instant gratification. I'm at a low. This is the time I have to dig deep.

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Mabunny said...

Chica, I'm sorry you areat such a low point atm.
I know we haven't been friends very long, but if you want to talk i'm willing to listen. I also don't judge. I hope you realize that about me. I do hope yuo find an answer about whats going onwith your face though, it does sound painful.
I also hope you find it in your heart and mind to be happy again. You are beautiful inside and out no matter what others say.
I've beenin dark placesbeforeand ittook somehelp, somemeds andthelove of my family to pullme out of it. I always have the potential to go there again due to family history but so far so good.
I'm here if you want to vent.
Love ya,and hope to hear from you soon!