Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Deviled Egg Eatin' Dog

I have two dogs. One Jack Russell and one huge "SPCA Special" as I call him. He is a mix of who knows what. He was rescued from the SPCA about an hour from here. He was taken to his 2nd home that we know of, which was my co-workers house. "WE" got him when she had had enough of him, chewing and destroying her house. He is part Lab and part Great Dane that we know of for sure. When we first got him, I did not think we were going to make it with him. If you have read the book about "Marley," well, I think our "Luther" is related to him. After almost 4 years we have grown to love him dearly. Today, we were coming home from Carson's opthamology appointment (which is another long story) and I turned down the alley when I noticed two kids poking at my dog with a long stick over the fence. I was immediately furious! I slammed on the gas and the horn, trying to get there as fast as possible and get their attention. I rolled down my window and told the boy to leave my dog alone. His friend thought it was hilarious that he had been caught. My blood was boiling! I may not have stressed how HUGE Luther is. He weighs almost 100 lbs and has these long legs, that when he jumps it's very intimidating. My mind was racing. Ya know, if my dog had broke the fence down and my dog had done something to that kid, who would have been reasonable? US of course! That makes me furious! They come down so hard on dog owners when they bite kids, but I bet if dogs could talk we would find out the truth about what provoked them. I know not all cases, but some. This would have been one of them. My dog was soooooo wound up! His hair was standing on edge along his back, like a cat. Who knows how long they had been there. I would like to think not long, but he was so wired up. I should have followed the boys, but my priority was to check on my dog. I feared finding him bleeding, or wounded. Amazing, how we become so attached to our animals. He thankfully was not hurt that I could see. I kept him in the rest of the afternoon. In the evening it was BEAUTIFUL out and I decided he needed to go run around. There is an elementary school behind our house. They have a small fenced in area that I sometimes let the dogs run around in. It's about the size of 4 backyards, so I guess not that small. We were leaving the school and I noticed Luther was not on his leash anymore! OMG! Needless to say he got to run more than I had planned. We finally chased him down and took him for a ride in my husbands Camry. Luther is so big, that his butt was in the seat and his legs hanging over the edge and his head looking out the windshield just like a person! It was hilarious! We had some good laughs with him this evening. I call him my deviled egg eatin' dog, cuz for some reason he LOVES deviled eggs. Guarantee a few will be missing if you leave your plate unattended. Today was just a reminder of how far we have come with him. I know if his previous owners could see him now, they would definitely want him back. He is our gentle giant. Thank God for the dog angels that watched out for him while we were not home.
Finally, Finally, Finally! I did it! I made it to the gym THREE time this week. I was so wiped today, I took a ginormous nap! Yee-ha for me! Ok, next I need to work on the "nutrition" portion of this healthy lifestyle as well as getting myself to the gym. Notice I said nutrition and not DIET! ok, just checking.

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Mabunny said...

Hehe, sounds like you had fun with Luther. I love big dogs, and Luther definitely qualifies. Or maybe he is over qualified:)) lmao.
Anyway, I know what you mean about kids teasing dogs. We used to live on a corner lot in Arlington when I was growing up and kids used to tease our shnauzer and shnoodle all the time. We finally had to make sure they weren't outside when it was time for school in the morning or when the kids let out in the afternoon because they would have to walk by our house and would always try to do something to our dogs.
Honestly I didn't like the Schnauzer but that didn't mean I wanted to see him hurt.

Yay for you for going to the gym, and the nutrition part will be hard but I'm sure you can do it:))