Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I'm not sure why. I have not been to the gym in almost THREE weeks. This morning I had phone calls from 2 different people asking me if I was going to the water class. I didn't. I got back in bed and went to sleep. My husband drove the children in to school for me, so I got a morning at home. Alone. It very rarely happens, and I felt I did not want to rush off and have to be someplace. I did have my bag packed. As the bible says, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. It has been an interesting week. I have been on a MASSIVE re-organizing spree. I have even done my GF's daughter's room, and today we did one of her hall closets. I have done three closets and two rooms in our house. I don't know if it means, I'm trying to get things "mentally" straight. I am one of these people that can't function if my surroundings are a mess.
This week is also difficult thinking about my brother. I keep praying for him. Just like I am the only one that bring about the "umph" in me to get going, he is the only one to bring it out of himself. I just pray it happens soon. A co-worker of mine, has a husband with liver cancer. He received a liver transplant today. Praise God! It is amazing what some people are dealing with.
We all have our cross to bare.

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Mabunny said...

Hola hot chica:))
I too am struggling. For me ,it is hard to believe how people who call themselves Christian act. My heart isa bit heavy and I pray that it will soon be resolved.
I too am praying for your brother and Thank God for organ donors.
Love ya and I'm sure we will talk soon.