Monday, September 22, 2008

No Challenge means NO CHANGE!!

These are some words that keep repeating in my head. They came from my Monday water class instructor. She is so cute and bubbly, makes me just wanna dunk her in the pool. j/k For some reason that phrase just turned a light bulb on in me. Thanks Racheal! I'm feeling really blue today. Not sure why? I am glad I already went to the gym or else it would NOT happen today. Hmm, maybe cuz I have to work this week. Not sure. I think I dread the day after I work. That day when I look around and see that this and that has piled up there. Over here has not been cleaned, the stuff that is all over the place that did not get put away. WHY? WHY? WHY? It's kinda like today. On Monday, I feel like the house is a wreck! Why must I always need order? Why does clothes on the floor bother me? Why does washed clothes that has not been put folded, much less put away DRIVE ME CRRRRRAZY!!! I have to say that is one of my biggest pet peaves. I can let go of other areas of the house and if someone else does it and it's not exactly to my liking, I'll be ok. NOT when it comes to the laundry!! Stay out of my laundry room!! I guess no challenge means no change can be applied to other areas, like house cleaning. Yeah, whateva! My aching bodd is calling for food. Must go take care of my basic needs. ciao

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Mabunny said...

Wow Chica, sorry you are in a blue mood... /hugz coming your way:)