Friday, January 4, 2008

Have you ever built a rocket?

Did you ever build a rocket in elementary school? Remember the anticipation? The visions of it soaring, high up in the air. The entire class gathers and one at a time, you take turns igniting your rocket. Your heart is beating so fast, what will happen? Will your dream come true? It starts to take off, slowly, then fizzes out and hits the floor. BUMMER! All that work for about 3 seconds of misery. Actually, more than that, since you will be teased about this for the rest of your school days. That's what came to mind as the day passed and I decided I just could NOT meet with Barbie. I have to be comfortable with this person, and I was not. I did make it to the gym that day, only to hop on the Precor and remind myself of every single ounce of extra weight I was carrying. I lasted about 15 minutes. I was too insecure to try any weight machines. I walked around the place, trying to lower my heart rate and keep from having a heart attack on my first day. After getting feeling back in my legs, being able to breathe without it hurting, I headed home. Yep, major fizz for the first day. I did feel sore the next day. I'm not beating myself up. I have lots of weight to take off and every small step counts! I did make it to the aqua class yesterday. Not sure if I will keep going to the class. I definitely will keep getting in the pool, since no impact is the best on my joints right now. I know that deep down in me, not only is there one Hot Chica, this chic is crazy. I love the feeling of sore muscles! I ache in places I had forgotten I had. Each step I take reminds me, I'm on a mission. I love that. Sicko, I know!

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